Throughout time tracing has been an intriguing subject, frequently called cheating as if it is an immoral act.

In my experience, the people who usually bitterly complain or attack others need a lesson in upgrading their own work. They behave as if it is a matter of pride that they work “from scratch”, but they also work for free, or don’t get paid well enough for their efforts.

Well, I’m here to tell you that fabulous realism portrait artists usually trace their work to ensure careful placement and accuracy on their choice of surface. Yes, most ancient masters used some form of tracing, and you’d be surprised how long Lucida lenses have been around … hundreds of years.

There are many modern artists who use a graphics software program to compose their work, and then trace it to a new surface.

Tracing can be done with a Lucida, tracing paper, pantograph or graphing.

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